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    Local Businessman Uses 2 Signed, Rare Gibson Custom Shop Guitars to Turn His Business Around

    John came in to Cobb & Pawn a few weeks ago needing a loan to cover the payroll for his struggling business, which was only a few weeks from closing. The collateral John brought in was unbelievable: a Gibson Byrdland and Gibson L5, two American-made guitars from Gibson’s Custom Shop. Both were integral pieces of John’s vast personal Gibson collection, a compilation he’s been building for quite a few years.

    Cobb Pawn Marietta GA Gibson Guitar

    Why are these two pieces so significant?

    They were made and signed by one of Gibson Guitar’s most accomplished and dedicated guitar craftsman, legendary luthier James “Hutch” Hutchins. As the head of Gibson’s Custom Shop, Hutch took pride in crafting flawless guitars that played perfect tones every single session. Hutch created these custom guitars for big-named artists such as country music’s Chet Atkins and jazz greats such as Howard Roberts, Herb Ellis, Wes Montgomery and Johnny Smith. Hutch worked at Gibson for 45 years, from 1963 to 2008. He died in 2010.

    It was his craftsmanship as well as his relationship with these musical greats that make artists and collectors alike willing to pay a premium for one of the last Gibson guitars created and signed by the one-and-only “Hutch”.

    Cobb & Pawn was able to use the Gibson Byrdland and Gibson L5 to get John the cash he needed to keep his business running. It turns out the guitars must have been lucky. John was able to turn things around enough to return a few weeks later to pick up his signed Gibson L5. He decided to sell us the signed Gibson Byrdland, which is currently on display at our shop.

    Stop by today to see a rare, mint piece from Gibson’s Custom Shop built by one of the most accomplished luthiers ever.

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